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Ideas for Decorating with Beadboard in a Bathroom

Beadboard bathroom is a mainstream look in bathrooms. Normally, white beadboard, instead of a dull shading, is picked in bathrooms, where it summons a clean yet warm and cushy bungalow feel. Beadboard is cheap, simple to introduce and can be bought white, recolored or regular from any neighborhood home and enclosure focus. There are numerous approaches to enrich with beadboard in a bathroom, including both customary and innovative.

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The most prominent, and tradition, method for finishing with beadboard is to introduce it from the floor to around 1/3 of the route up the divider. You can introduce it with wire nails or a development glue. At that point, complete off the highest point of the beadboard with a bit of embellishment. Thicker trim is normally called ceiling embellishment, while more slender pieces are called seat rails. At last, paint the dividers over the beadboard to truly set it off.


An alternate approach to finish with beadboard is to totally cover one or a greater amount of the dividers with the board. Beadboard has flimsy vertical lines going through it. This gives the divider the presence of being paneled, without the 70’s vibe. This look is best finished with white beadboard and looks extraordinary in shoreline themed bathrooms, as it summons the inclination of a shoreline house. Take a stab at doing only one divider, and painting whatever remains of the bathroom (counting the ceiling) a pale sky blue shading.

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There are additionally more inventive methods for utilizing beadboard as a part of a bathroom. Consider utilizing it as an afterthought of your bathtub to give your tub a custom look. This looks best if the beadboard proceeds from your bathtub to the dividers. Beadboard additionally looks incredible when set behind a mirror to highlight it, or when connected to the front of bathroom vanity entryways. On the off chance that you are utilizing crude wood beadboard, you can stain or paint it to match whatever remains of the vanity. At last, have a go at introducing it with the lines running on a level plane for a more redesigned look.

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