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Two Design Ideas to Transform Your Garage

Having a garage offers you a wealth of opportunities when it comes to customizing the look and feel of your home. Here are two garage design ideas you will love.

Add Light

Garages are often pretty dark and dingy, which makes it difficult to carry out repairs and maintenance. The best way to add some brightness to your garage is to add a skylight. These dazzling rooftop windows are known for adding value to the home, and they offer great lighting all year round.

Alternatively, you can add light sources that are a little less dependent on the weather. Spotlights are a great way to add clean, bright light all over your workspace.

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Adding a skylight can cost anything from $650 to $3500 for installation and materials. Spotlights add less value to the property, and their cost depends on your existing wiring setup. If the garage is already wired, you could spend less than $1000. If not, then it can cost up to $3000 for complete wiring and materials.

Storage Solutions

Good storage is vital to creating a practical and attractive garage. There are a number of ways you can declutter and enjoy an efficient workspace at the same time.

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One increasingly popular choice for garages (and kitchens) is magnetized strips. When these are fitted along the wall, you can attach tools and work supplies like screws securely while taking up very little space. For heavier items like bicycles, small hooks work very well.

Another option is to simply invest in storage solutions like shelving units and tool cabinets. You can find these in a range of colors and styles, so they will match your decor perfectly. Most storage options can be found for less than $100; shop around in IKEA and Home Depot for cheap, effective ways to keep your garage sparkling clean.

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