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Islands in a Stream – Your New Kitchen Remodeling Concept

The kitchen is historically the most important and dreamt about remodel of all possible projects. There are as many ideas about remodeling the perfect kitchen as there are people to imagine them. These projects can range from a total kitchen makeover to something as simple as a new exhaust hood over their stove.

A kitchen island is one of the simplest but most useful additions a homeowner can do in a kitchen remodeling project. With a kitchen island installed homeowners find the island serves several functions including providing a central point of focus and also additional cooking preparation and storage space.

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When a homeowner works with a designer on their kitchen remodeling project, their designer will have them thinking outside of the box, literally because a kitchen island doesn’t have to just be your usual island shaped like a box. A kitchen island can have different ranges of style and function, and your designer will work with you, and help you utilize your available kitchen space.

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The design of your existing kitchen will have a lot to do with what options you have when you design your island addition. Most older homes have a closed floor plan which is what leaves you with what has been called the “workhorse configuration.” This type of configuration is basically the four sided box like island configuration. For homes that have an open floor plan you’ll have far more options. With an open floor plan you will have the ability to use angular designs such as the L, U, V or Y shapes. These shapes function as walls without completely closing off the kitchen from the adjoining rooms. This type of stylish signature can be accomplished no matter how large or small you decide to make your island

When it comes to designing your new island you should take into account that it does not have to be just dull storage and food preparation space. You could instead make it a smaller separate dining area. Another idea might be to place a small television or radio on it for when you are using the kitchen or use it as a decorative focus for the whole room. With special moldings, brass, special pulls and footings the ability to leave your mark and make your own special personal touch on the kitchen are plentiful. You can be accomplish this whatever the size of your new island.

One of the greatest points of the island remodeling project is the scalability of the project. You can easily install an island of modest design for well under $700 or add features such as sinks or secondary ovens and appliances. You only need to keep in mind that the more intricate and the larger the island the more the projects cost will increase.

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