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Choosing Wall Color for Your Room

Choosing a wall decorative paint color for your Kitchen wall colors requires a lot of brain storming. It just doesn’t end with the color you like the most. The color to be used should which must suit the Kitchen and adds elegance to it. In this article we will list down a few ways by which you will able to choose the right color for your Kitchen.

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Kitchen layout

Kitchen is a huge factor before deciding decorative paint color for the wall. Every Kitchen wall colors has its importance and necessities; so the color you are choosing must fulfill both the requirements.Color normally preferred in these Kitchens must be those which soothes and helps you in distressing. A kitchen is a place where light is required a lot so choose a decorative paint color that will help in brightening up the Kitchen.

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Size of the Kitchen

Size of the Kitchen plays an important part in selecting the wall decorative paint color. The wall color can make a small Kitchen look bigger and a big Kitchen look smaller. A big Kitchen wall allows you to play with lots of mix and matches. It even gives the liberty to use several painting options combining various techniques. A smaller Kitchen on the other hand restricts you as far as using the colors are concerned. Normally darker shades are avoided in such Kitchen’s.


The color of decorative paint must go along with the theme of your Kitchen . For example, for an aqua theme one can go for various blued shades in combination of silver and green to enhance the look; a Barbie theme will require pink shades with cartoon stickers on them; a Kitchen inspired with nature beauty can use multiple colors keeping green and brown more.

Kitchen Furniture

Kitchen Furniture is an essential factor in deciding color of your wall. Color of Kitchen furniture should be in contrast with the wall color so that the overall effect of them should add beautification to the Kitchen ‘s view.

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