The bathroom is one of the most intimate rooms in your house and there is no reason it can’t make a splash. If having a beautiful, attractive and well-designed bathroom is one of your goals, follow me to get the best ideas on how to decorate your downstairs bathroom or en-suite for that wonderful appearance. Whether you are making your bathroom or redecorating it, the following small bathroom design ideas will help you achieve that beautiful and most relaxing design at affordable costs.

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The mixture of colors you select for your bathroom should have a visual harmony. Light and bright colors are found to be more attractive compared to dark ones which give a dull impression. When selecting tiles for your bathroom, select the large ones with light colors for they give the most appealing visual impression.

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Ceramic tiles are the most appropriate for they are highly impermeable, durable and easy to clean. Dark colors have been found to give a crowdedness appearance and you definitely don’t want that in your bathroom, do you?

Other accessories

Bathtub go a long way in improving the design and the luxury of your bathroom. The best bathtubs are made of marble or limestone to optimize your relaxation. Your sink should be tall enough to match the interior design. All other accessories in the bathroom should occupy the appropriate space relative to the size for that fantastic appearance you desire. This also helps in the maximization of the small room for a comfortable shower. Having well mount wall mirrors at eye-level height illuminates your bathroom hence eliminating undesirable shadows. Bathroom lighting should be fairly bright for optimum relaxation and comfort.

Appropriately combining the best layouts, hues, spa-like features and fancy accessories will guarantee you an appearance not less that of your dream bathroom. Great bathroom designs help soothe you after a long day of work and help you relax even in the most stressful and tiring days!

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