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Important Sunroom designs ideas 2015

A sunroom, also known as a sun porch or a sun lounge is a structure meant for the interior side of the room. It enables you to enjoy the beautiful surrounding of your room by allowing panoramic views and letting the sun rays in, to create light and warmth. It is very significant to choose the best furnishings and accessories that can withstand sun exposure and make the room stay in favorable conditions.

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Note that a year-round sunroom is very ideal to make maximum use of your space more so when inclement-weather and extremely high or low temperatures makes it unsuitable to stay outdoors. Sunroom designs ideas are very essential for a convenient and effective sunroom and these include the following;

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  • Choosing the best cheerful colors

Sunrooms are normally decorated with light, bright and cheerful colors for an eye catching. The wall can be painted with such colors like pale blue, warm peach, yellow-gold, white, light-teal, beige or muted green. You may change the wall décor with a soft wall color to fit any special occasions like spring, Christmas and fall harvest.

  • Well- structured furniture

The whole year-round sunroom is design to withstand frequent sun exposure, thus it is significant to install furniture that has been treated with suitable protective-stains, sealants or paints so that they may not fade over time. Ensure the fabrics are also wisely chosen because they too fade. For them, you may select waterproof or colorfast materials design to withstand the strong sunlight.

  • Good temperature control

Temperature control is very important since you do not want to be exposed to too hot summer or too cold winter. Ceiling fans and curtains can serve the purpose nicely. You may also need to have a central air conditioning or an AC window-unit especially if the room is exposed to much afternoon sun. Electric heater can as well be installed during the cooler season.

  • Installing nature-inspired accessories

These work well for any time of the year. You may mix antique-collectibles with modern-décor to create warm and welcoming space. Candle lamps, glassware, pottery, and linen colors like blue, tan, green, brown yellow are the best. Fresh flowers are also good and natural.

US pricing policy for building a sunroom, which a slab is poured with post and beam-construction and a four season space cost 72,000 dollars. The price varies with factors like resale value. Such cost can also be broken down for all the activities done.

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