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An unfinished basement is usually an ideal room for storage, a gym or even a laundry room. There people who even turn it in to a living area; this will depend on one’s priority or needs. When you think of a cozy room, things that come to mind are great lighting, nice wall, ceiling pipes, concrete walls and air quality. Turning Your Basement to a Laundry Room

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A basement laundry room can be as simple as putting a dryer and a washer with proper plumbing. But you can make it more interesting and elaborate by having a counter for folding clothes, a sink and a bit of dedicated lighting.

Turning Your Basement to a Storage Room

This can be effectively done by putting brackets right between the ceiling rafters with a bit of ceiling hanging shelves. You can also go with the idea of standing shelves which are quite simple.

Turning Your Basement to a Comfortable Space

To create a comfortable and warm space, you first have to create a uniform look which is achieved from the ceiling and walls. First you have to paint the unfinished surface which includes walls, ceiling, pipes and even wires. This creates a very big impact to your unfinished basement. If you have wood rafters you can stain them a bit to create a darker and more styled look.

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If you do not wish to paint, you can fit in a curtain rail with modern hook-less curtains. The curtains are used to hide the unfinished walls.

As for the floor space, you can put concrete or tiles. If you do have a few rugs that are just lying around, this is the time to put them to good use. Add some area rag which will create that sense of style

In order to make your basement fully functional you need to have proper lighting. You can add a bunch of naked bulbs to hang from the ceiling. You can also go for nice floor lamps. If you have the resources, you can install windows.

The last thing you need to do is focus on the air quality. Unfinished basements usually have a damp and wet sock smell to it. This is not tasteful at all. You can get rid of this by purchasing a dehumidifier.

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